Tours You Can Do From Glasgow


One remarkable thing about Scotland’s largest city? There’s no shortage of things to do and places to go – within Glasgow’s walls and even beyond Glasgow’s walls.

That being said, here are some tours you can do from Glasgow:

Glasgow’s history goes way back into the 6th century, founded by a Christian missionary named Kentigern (now St. Mungo). From being a religious center, it has grown to become a rural settlement. From being a rural settlement, it has grown to become one of the world’s largest seaports. Thus, it’s no surprise for Glasgow to have religious institutions and historical buildings all over the place.

Religious Tours

Some of the well-known religious institutions in Glasgow include the Glasgow Cathedral, which is under the Church of Scotland; St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which is under the Roman Catholic Church; St. Mary’s Cathedral, which is under the Scottish Episcopal Church; and St. Luke’s Cathedral, which is under the Greek Orthodox Church. There’s the four Gurdwaras of the Sikhs, as well as the Glasgow Central Mosque of the Muslims. Even more so, there’s the St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, which first opened in 1993 – the only place that tells the story of the world’s most celebrated religions.

Historical Tours

Meanwhile, some of the well-known historical buildings in Glasgow include The People’s Palace and Winter Garden, which exhibits Glasgow’s industrial history; Pollok House and Garden, which exhibits great Spanish masterpieces; Greenbank Garden, which exhibits beautiful Georgian landscapes; and Provand’s Lordship, which is the oldest house in all of Glasgow. There’s the Crookston Castle from the 1600s, as well as the Finnieston Crane from the 1930s. Even more so, there’s the Scotland Street School Museum, which is located in a school designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh back in the 1900s.

Most of all, you can go on tours beyond Glasgow’s walls – especially if you’re going to Scotland in November.

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